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Get An Added Edge With Real Estate Pre-construction Investment

By: Chris Robertson

Real estate may be all about location, location, location, but real estate investment is also about timing, timing, timing. Like the stock market, when you make your investment is just as important as the investment you choose. And, when it comes to real estate, a pre-construction investment can maximize your return.

The primary pre-construction investment advantage is that you can generally purchase a property at a lower price than if you were to wait until after the project breaks ground. Once construction is underway, popular locations and properties can trigger an influx of new investors who drive prices up. A pre-construction investment also allows you

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Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

Many women who have sparse or scanty brows, long for thick ones. So, they often fill it up with an eyebrow pencil. However, this requires skill and time. Hence, a more lasting solution is to get permanent eyebrows by way of cosmetic tattooing. In this technique, a vibrating needle deposits pigments of color into the eyebrow region. It is a form of eyebrow tattoo, and is very http://mycosmeticsolutions.com/eyebrows/ effective and relatively pain free. After undergoing this procedure, your eyebrows look quite natural, and you don't have to apply any makeup to make them look lush and thick. However, aftercare is a very important factor if y

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5 Must have's when buying LA real estate

A pre-approval is an important part of house hunting because it lets you and your realtor know that you botanique at bartley price psf are capable of buying. This will also help define your search and save you plenty of time, effort, and heartaches later on.

In addition, a pre-approval will give you more leverage when competing for a property. This is especially important in todays current market because offers with pre-approvals rank higher with sellers. It is more likely that your offer will get accepted if you are pre-approved because it is less risky to the sellers. Take note that this is different from a pre-qualification letter, which is simply an informal estimate of how much you can afford to spend.

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Can I use multiple real estate agents while buying a home?

How many houses do you plan to purchase. If you have not found the city you want to reside in then perhaps you are not prepared to purchase a house at this time. You should narrow your choices http://www.century21.com/property-search down from two cities to one and to a particular neighborhood.

You might hire as many real estate agents as you like, be careful of the contract you sign, because it could bind and limit you as to what you can do. In some instances even though the agent you signed with had little or nothing to do with finding you a place to live, you might still be obligated to pay him/her a commission.

You ar

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Important Factors to Consider During a Commercial Property Purchase


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The commercial real estate scenario of Singapore is going through a very exciting phase for any property investor in the city. Investors will be able to find a world of opportunities in this real estate industry. Moreover, the commercial segment of the real estate industry of the city also allows the owners to enjoy tax exemptions from the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD), the Sellers Stamp Duty (SSD) and the many regulations that apply to foreigner ownership. This can

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Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. Announces the Purchase of The Retreat at Orlando Student Housing Property | Reuters

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. Announces the Purchase of The Retreat at Orlando their website Student Housing Property

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. announced today the acquisition of The Retreat at Orlando, a fully developed student housing property located near the University of Central Florida (UCF) campus in Orlando, for $72.5 million http://www.century21.com/property-search from Landmark Properties and Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC. Mark Cosenza, vice president of Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, facilitated the transaction on behalf of an Inland affiliate.

Located approximately two miles south of UCF, the cottage-style property was built in 2014 and is comprised of 221 units with 894 total beds. Each fully furnished unit includes a washer and dryer, a security system and high-speed internet. The property also features a LEED-certified clubhouse with a computer lab, fitness center, yoga and pilates studio, tanning beds and a multi-tiered resort-style pool with cabanas, hammocks and a hot tub. Residents also have access to on-site pool tables, a golf simulator, big screen TVs, tennis courts, volleyball courts and bocce ball and grilling areas.

Due to its innovative design and premium amenities, The Retreat at Orlando is 100 percent leased for the 2015-2016 school year.

We are thrilled to have closed on the purchase of this unique student housing property at the University of Central Florida, Cosenza said. The Retreat at Orlando is a draw for students due to its unparalleled amenities, high-end finishes and cottage-style units that differentiate it from nearby competitors on campus. We were pleased to work with the builders of the property, Harrison Street and Landmark Properties, to complete this transaction.

Landmark Properties will continue to manage the community on behalf of the new owner.

The Retreat at Orlando is a high-performing student housing community that will stand the test of time, said J. Wesley Rogers, president and CEO of Landmark Properties. High-quality real estate companies like Inland understand this and continue to show strong interest in the student housing asset class nationally.

About Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc.

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. is the purchasing arm for various entities that are a part of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc., a group of independent legal entities, some of which may be affiliates, share some common ownership or have been sponsored or managed by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation or its subsidiaries (collectively, Inland). For additional information, please refer to Inlands website at www.inlandgroup.com.

About Landmark Properties

Based in Athens, Ga., Landmark Properties is a fully integrated real estate firm specializing in the investment, development, construction and management of high-quality student housing communities across the country.With approximately $1.3 billion of student housing under construction and more than $1 billion in additional pipeline projects, Landmark was recently ranked the top developer of student housing in the nation. From pioneering The Retreat student cottage concept to its more recent expansion into luxury urban infill, Landmark has been at the forefront of the student housing industry http://www.re.state.az.us/ since its inception more than 10 years official source ago.With a deep understanding of its markets, a commitment to quality and a strong track record of success, Landmark is responsible for some of the premier student housing communities in the nation.

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Inland Marketing & Communications, Inc.

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6 Ways to Stop Those Pesky 11’s Between the Brows

Frowning ages everyone. That repetitive motion of knitting your brows together has consequences and after approximately 80,000 squints, you will begin to see grooves appear on your once smooth forehead.

Maybe you need glasses, maybe your Mom squinted and you adopted her facial posture. Maybe you concentrate better with your eyebrows positioned a certain way, but if you want to stop frowning and reverse the depth of those lines, youll have to follow a few behavior modification guidelines.

Becoming aware of how you hold and mold your face is the first step in stopping the further development of lines both horizontal and vertical on your forehead. Years ago there was a story goi